Emotigun is a motor powered, remote controlled slingshot whose only ammunition are reaction emojis.



‘Emotigun’ is a motor-powered, remote controlled slingshot, loaded with reaction emojis as it’s ammunition which can be found across social media platforms - 👍 ❤️ 😂 😯 😢 😡 etc.. The concept aims to pose the question as to whether or not we would still long for constant recognition online, if we received it physically.


‘Emotigun’ was created by Tadas Maksimovas and designed by Martijn Koomen. Youtube sensation Jorg Sprave produced the first prototype, which formed the basis for the machine. Using his prototype, we were able to develop the fully functioning ‘Emotigun’.


Testing Emotigun


Once the gun was assembled, it was tested in a huge warehouse of Creativity and Innovation Centre VGTU “LinkMenu fabrikas”. During the testing, Tadas took around 200 emoji hits to the face, which, incidentally enough is the most “likes” he has ever received.


Behind the Scenes


A quick look at the behind the scenes of the Emotigun video shoot. As you can see, it was a fun shoot for everyone involved, apart from maybe Tadas’ forehead.


‘Emotigun’ has featured on Fast Company, Designboom and Gizmodo Japan.