The Pi Bike

The Pi Bike is a fixed gear bicycle handmade out of carbon fiber in the shape of pi (π) symbol. Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas created the design and made a fully functional bicycle.


We collaborated with WE ARE Pi to launch The Pi Bike a few days before Pi Day which is celebrated on March 14th, the closest date to the mathematical number “pi”. Coincidentally, March 14th is also Albert Einstein's b-day. So, what could be better to celebrate the Pi Day than having Albert Einstein to ride The Pi Bike?


The Making of

Martijn Koomen and Tadas Maksimovas started this project after being inspired by the pi bike illustration created by Malaysian illustrator Yau Hoong. We embraced the challenge to take a simple drawing and make it into a fully functioning bicycle.


First, we sketched out the frame shape. Then the shape was tweaked, adjusted and tested using scale models made out of cardboard and plywood. Once the frame size and shape were locked, we made moulds to cast the frame out of resin. After casting the frame we sanded it down and assembled the bike.


However, that was only half of the work, as new moulds had to be made for the final version of the frame, which was cast out of the stronger enforced carbon fibre. Then of course the bike had to be assembled again.


The Pi Bike was featured by large design, tech and lifestyle blogs such as Designboom, Design Milk, Curbed, Cool Material, Creapills, Yanko Design, New Atlas, Highsnobiety, GQ TurkeyLost At E Minor as well as The Times, Jornal de Notícias and many more.