Ideas Never Made

A selection of random ideas that never made into production.


Prince Memorial in Lithuania

A proposal for a crowd-funded public artwork, celebrating the legacy of the musician, Prince. Tadas developed a concept for a public sculpture, constructed from steel in shape of the 'Love Symbol' and utilising thermochromic paint in an innovative way.


The D&AD Park

The D&AD Park is a proposal to make both an accessible, and eco-friendly green space for the public to engage with the D&AD Awards. Tadas came up with the concept to create a park in which the public could interact with the creative work produced by recipients of White, Yellow, and Black Pencil awards given out by the ad industry.


The Walking Carpet

The Walking Carpet is a concept created by Tadas for floors of the Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam. Using the idea of Van Gogh as a flâneur, a large-scale public artwork would be painted using the soles of Van Gogh's boots, and in turn, translated as a carpet within the main hall of the museum.