Prince Memorial in Lithuania

In Lithuania, a few enthusiasts have set up a concert to raise money for a memorial for Prince. The brief for the memorial is simple; use the Prince logo in an interesting way. This is our proposal.


The D&AD Park

The D&AD Park is an idea to make the advertising awards more eco-friendly and relevant to the people outside the ad industry. Before playing the video let's assume you already know what D&AD stands for.


The Cash Machine Drug Tester

The Cash Machine Drug Tester was written as an April Fools’ day joke for the City of Amsterdam. Oh this is not my voice, I hired a professional artist to do this.


The Walking Carpet

The Walking Carpet is the concept I've created for the Vincent van Gogh Carpet Design Competition. The brief challenge was to create a carpet design for the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. A carpet that will be a showstopper in the central hall of the museum each Friday Night. 

I was inspired by the fact that van Gogh used to like long walks and his brush strokes reminded me of footprints. Hence I created the design using van Gogh's shoes as a brush to paint one of his iconic paintings - The Starry Night. The painting later would be printed as a carpet and utilized at the museum entrance. 


Hackney Dave Says

Hackney Dave Says is an ongoing project where I collect edgy quotes about advertising, as said by David Buonaguidi, and make them into simple posters. As Dave says "You have to read it imagining Steven Fry is saying it, not Joe Peschi".