Hair Music

Street Musician’s Day is an annual music event which was initiated by Lithuanian musician and actor Andrius Mamontovas. Anyone, who plays any instrument may become a participant of the festival. 

To show that anyone can play any instrument and anyone is welcome no matter how good he/she is, we made this experiment and played music with hair. A material that looks impossible to play with at first glance.



Hair Music the Experiment video was selected for the Hair in Fashion and Art exhibition at Centraal Museum in Utrecht. The project was featured by large design and tech blogs such as Gizmodo, Juxtapoz, ViceDesignboomDesign Taxi, Bored Panda, MetroNoiseyThe Mail OnlineThe Huffington Post as well as shown on React to That, Tracks, Right this Minute, QYOU, Outrageous Acts of Science and Duck Quacks Don't Echo. Hair Music the Experiment is also included in Ripley's Believe It or Not! Annual. 


Behind the Scenes