Art-o-thlon is the first International Championship of Arts, broadcasted on Lithuanian national TV.



Tadas was a participant of the Art-o-thlon, a reality TV show broadcast on Lithuanian national TV. The show had 22 participants from different countries, divided into seven teams. After eight weeks of non-stop live broadcast work, and seven weekly shows, Tadas’ team were crowned winners of the Art-o-thlon.


EPISODE 1. Introducing the Participants


Every participant is introduced to the audience. After dividing everyone into teams the first brief given is to decorate the TV studio.


EPISODE 2. Inspired by POP


To introduce the team, Die Kitsch'en tattoos the face of famous Lithuanian producer, Egmontas Bzeskas, onto a piece of meat, and then invites him to have a taste of himself. Die Kitsch'en then covers Embankment Arch (the most hated sculpture in Lithuania) with famous Lithuanian newspapers.


EPISODE 3. The History of Vilnius


Die Kitsch'en projects old propaganda movies from the Soviet era inside the rebuilt Palace of the Grand Dukes.


EPISODE 4. The Art of 100 Litas


Die Kitsch'en exchanges 100 Litas to Euro, then back to Litas, and then back to Euro. After 96 exchanges the team is left with a single Euro cent.


EPISODE 5. Untitled


All teams are allowed to create anything with no particular brief outlined. Die Kitsch'en recreates the statue of Lenin in Lukiskes Square but replaces Lenin with themselves. The performance lasts for 6 hours.


EPISODE 6. Food as Art


Die Kitsch'en creates a short film where the instructions of how to slaughter an animal are read to a pig. The video is composed with the footage shot from the inside of a human body.


EPISODE 7. The Death of The Artist


Die Kitsch'en shows the documentary footage of how former Lithuanian celebrities, actors, performers are giving an oath after being selected to Seimas.


The Award


The winning team is funded to build any sculpture at Park of Europe. Die Kitsch'en team proposes to build a proportional carcass of the demolished Twin Towers and cover it with the skin of an old soviet bus called Ikarus. The title of the finished sculpture is Drink Before & Smoke After.


Drink Before and Smoke After, Die Kitsch'en team.

Drink Before and Smoke After, Die Kitsch'en team.


Kind Words


"Mr. Maksimovas has a truly excelled at the Art-o-thlon — a key cultural event of Vilnius European Capital of Culture 2009 — not only becoming a rare favorite of both jury and the audience alike but also, subsequently winning the grand Prix of this eight week-long international championship of arts. 

During the Art-o-thlon Mr. Maksimovas demonstrated an extraordinary combination of skills, exhibiting both: a deep creative capacity and almost nonchalant flexibility when situation required speedy adjustments. He has also revealed the ability — quite rare among the participating artists — not only to enjoy the limelight and a full attention of media, but also be able to use television as a valid and fruitful artistic medium." 

― Prof. Zilvinas Lilas, Author of the Art-o-thlon.