3 in 1 is a portrait of three men with the same name and surname, namely Tadas Maksimovas. These three men met during the photo shoot for the first time. They stumbled upon each other online while searching themselves on Google or Facebook, but they have never met in a real life before. 

The most interesting fact happened to them when the census to the army began and during one of the check-ups Tadas noticed that his file was composed from files of other two Tadai Maksimovai: the photo of one of them, place of residence of the second one, and the education of the third one. 


Tadas Maksimovas. Born on 2 February, 1983.

Tadas Maksimovas. Born on 30 March, 1984.

Tadas Maksimovas. Born on 9 April, 1984.

A Portrait of Three Tadai Maksimovai.

A Portrait of Three Tadai Maksimovai.