Tadas is a trained sculptor who graduated with a Masters in Fine Art and Sculpture.

And just in case you might forget his name here is a tip: when you make an announcement, what do you say? You say Ta – dah! There you go. That's his name. Ta – dah! Tadas.

As an artist Tadas was in the team who represented Lithuania in the 58th Sapporo Snow Sculpture Contest in Japan.

He was selected to create an interactive art piece for an Artist in Residence program in Strasbourg.

He was a participant of the Art-o-thlon, a reality show broadcast on Lithuanian national TV. After 8 weeks of non-stop work on camera and 7 weekly shows, Tadas’ team was victorious.

Tadas co-founded a self-initiated project to institutionalize the first official flag of peace. The initiative was nominated for a D&AD White Pencil in 2012 for its contribution towards world peace.

Currently Tadas works as an advertising creative in Amsterdam.